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4 Business & Community exists to assist in the creation of a dynamic, innovative, creative and sustainable Tasmania. We do this by assisting businesses and communities create sustainable wealth.

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What does sustainable wealth actually mean?


Sustainability is the capacity to endure. For humans, sustainability is the potential for long-term maintenance of well being, which has ecological, economic, political and cultural dimensions.


Society often has quite a narrow definition of what wealth means. The word wealth comes from the Old English word “weal”, which means well-being, prosperity, or happiness.


Financial Wealth?

$ for a business is like oxygen for your body. It is essential for your survival but it is not the reason that you do it. Making money is not the primary purpose of being in business in the same way that we are not alive for the primary purpose of breathing. Financial wealth occurs when you marry your highest purpose with money.

Social Wealth?

Not For Profits & SME’s form part of the building blocks of a healthy, wealthy, diverse and flourishing community. Ultimately creating Social Wealth  is about honouring human potential.

Environmental Wealth?

Environmental Wealth is all about clever and creative ways of using natural resources. This includes diversifying and cooperating with our environment, using materials sparingly, gathering and using energy efficiently as well as remaining in balance with our environment.

Individual Wealth?

Wealth applies to a number of aspects of life including;



Ideas & Learning


Relationships – Social & Family

Materials and finances

Community Support

We are committed to contributing to worthwhile projects in the community. As a result we have created a community fund which we contribute from regularly. We are hoping this initiative will give us the opportunity of seeing and experiencing a direct benefit in the community sector, rather than giving away a blanket percentage discount to all our not-for-profit clients.

Here are some of the projects we have donated to thus far

SPROUT Tasmania Producers Scholarship
SPROUT Tasmania Producers Scholarship

Scholarship provider 2014 & 2015

Sustainable Living Festival
Sustainable Living Festival

Sponsor of the 2014 Sustainable Living Festival Hobart


  • Joss Fenton Owner/Director

    Joss Fenton CPA is an accountant, tax agent and business adviser for small business and not-for-profit organisations, and also owns a boutique retail shop in Hobart called ecoHaven with his partner Kirstan. Joss’ has a background in small business, management and systems accounting for larger businesses, and honorary and paid roles with community organisations over the past 20 years. Joss has been enjoying the life of a young family over the past few years, including working part-time to ensure a balanced life and making the most of his daughters’ young lives. Whilst there are challenges in the small economy of Tasmania, Joss believes there are also plenty of opportunities through creative people, strong networks, and a beautiful environment – he therefore wishes for a more sustainable, independent and lively economy through successful local small businesses.

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  • Simon Townsend Owner/Director

    Simon  joined 4 Business & Community in January 2014 and has worked as a business consultant and Chartered Accountant for the past 18 years both advising small businesses and owning and operating a couple of small businesses. He has a wide range of experience in all aspects including business coaching & mentoring, strategic  advice & support (capital raising & commercialisation, business startups, business plans and expansions etc) and operational advice and support (business systems and online systems etc). Simon met Joss in 2013 and discovered they had similar values and a desire to create healthy and wealthy communities and the environment. Simon grew up in Sydney but moved to Tasmania in late 1996 after travelling overseas. He fell in love with Tasmania, particularly its amazing outdoors, and now can’t see himself living anywhere else. He lives with the lovely Emma and beautiful daughter 5 year old Ruby in Lenah Valley on the edge of the Mount Wellington Reserve where you will find him regularly fulfilling one of his other great passions – mountain biking! He is passionate about personal development and sees owning your own business as a great tool and training ground for assisting on this journey.

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